Relay protection and automation (REA) services are our area of expertise at Bematech, and we provide a complete solution to guarantee the dependability and effectiveness of electrical systems. Among the REA-related services we provide are:

Technical Consulting:
To assist you understand the complexities of relay protection and automation, our team offers professional technical consulting. We provide tailored advice based on your unique requirements and obstacles.

Pre-design inspection of the facility and design:
We carry out a comprehensive pre-design inspection of the facility and design planning prior to beginning any project. This guarantees that you comprehend the project requirements well and enables you to create solutions that work.

Protection panel assembly:
One of Bematech's unique selling points is the assembly of cutting-edge protective panels, which use the newest technologies to guarantee the security of electrical systems. Our panels are expertly crafted to satisfy the most exacting industrial requirements.

Installation and commissioning:
Relay protection and automation systems are seamlessly integrated into your electrical infrastructure thanks to the comprehensive installation cycle that our trained professionals provide. To guarantee peak performance, we do careful commissioning.

We provide comprehensive training programs to help your RPA system management and maintenance crew gain new knowledge and abilities. These workshops provide your employees with useful skills by covering both theoretical and practical aspects.

After-sale maintenance and support:
Benatech keeps power plants and substations operating smoothly. Our services include complete transformer and generator protection systems, guaranteeing the dependable and continuous functioning of your vital infrastructure.

Сhoose Benatech for cutting-edge automation and relay protection solutions that are supported by precise engineering, technological know-how, and a dedication to provide top-notch services in all areas.