Dispatch centers


Video and conferencing capabilities are among the specialized equipment that modern dispatch centers ought to have. Such systems are designed and installed by Benatech LLP.

The business creates dispatch systems to keep an eye on various kinds of control facilities. This allows the team to react quickly to new events and make well-informed choices. With the dispatching equipment that is being developed, you may provide graphical data to the operator in a way that is easy for them to understand.

The computerized system that tracks the state of the technological processes and facilities is the focal point of the dispatch complexes. It is typically created using liquid crystal screens or projection video decks.

There are several benefits to using video walls as part of the dispatching apparatus:

INCREASED INFORMATION CAPACITY is based on how many modules are involved and at what resolution. the capacity to present data from several signal sources on the screen in distinct windows;

THE ABILITY TO DYNAMICALLY REPRODUCE INFORMATION: The data that is shown is solely dependent upon the type of signals that are being provided, and it adapts to those changes. The capacity to monitor the dynamics of modifications to the controlled object's or technological system's primary and secondary characteristics;

VARIABILITY OF CONNECTION OF signal sources: Various information sources, such as computers, servers, local area networks, measuring sensors, video cameras, video players, etc., can be connected, depending on the equipment's composition;

THE ABILITY TO CHANGE THE DETAIL and form of information submission is provided by special software that allows the operator to set the required input/output scenarios and the type of information, as well as determine the method of switching data detail levels.